Apr 17

Stress on Everyone’s Shoulders

The pressure to permanently be on the job search is already overwhelming for many people who have been unemployed for awhile or who are incredibly ambitious. But apparently now the same stress will fall on everyone’s shoulders.

Welcome to the Permanent Job Search. From now on, all of us will be “looking” for a job even when we’re not actually looking for a job. Employers are researching each of us digitally 24/7/365. Our resumes are perpetually available online in various forms, some of which we control and some of which we don’t. Those of us who exert the necessary effort to maximize our digital reputations will be rewarded: opportunities will find us. Those of us who don’t will miss out.

The truth is, so long as you control your online reputation, you will not be subject to an online privacy invasion.

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Apr 8

The Direct Connect Connection

If you could take an immediate step to repair your damaged business reputation management, would you do it? This article says it’s probably worth it.

From the online reputation management perspective, Direct Connect is a real win. Direct Connect, when enabled, currently removes one to three suggested keywords from the Google Suggest box, depending on how many businesses show for Direct Connect. In a reputation crisis, businesses want to minimize the number of potentially negative terms that appear in the Google Suggest box (combinations such as “brand” followed by words like “sucks” or “scam”, etc.). Direct Connect can help minimize the other terms showing in the Google Suggest box, positive or negative.

(Note: Google hasn’t enabled Direct Connect for all businesses yet, but even businesses that formerly had Direct Connect enabled seem to be missing this functionality.)

I won’t endorse Direct Connect myself, but it has gotten rave reviews from ORM specialists.

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